(folk fairytale in english-speaking countries known as "The Gingerbread Man")

concertina book folded in spiral, which ufolds to 70x70cm map)
pen, ink, 2004
calligraphy by Diana Misaryan
Folk text is adapted by Alexei Tolstoy.

My interpretation combines the mythological roots of the fairytale (the solar and cosmogonical myth) and astrophysical data on massive stars life cycle from a cloud of space dust to the black hole, a model for cyclical universe.

a-side – the map of the universe. Kolobok travels the spiral as the book unfolds.
b-side – cover, the phases and the section of Kolobock – the super massive star, and characters portraits as cellestial bodies and space objects.

экспликация / full view


front cover (> click the image)